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In addition to 20 years of field experience, Sheila has her certification in Bio Energy Analysis, Nutritional and Lameness reflex points, Myofascial Lymph Work, and Equine Accupressure, Raindrop Therapy, essential oil studies, and the “BEST” system by Dr. Mortor. She earned her BA in Psychology, with science as a minor and a Doctorate in Divinity. In addition, she participated in the Herbal & Flower remedies study program with the Herb Wife in Wickford RI. She is a member of “The American Society of Dowsers” and a Professional Enhancement System Graduate.


All living things have seven energy centers in their bodies. Each energy center works like a fuse box for all of the components of that area of the body. When the energy is flowing strongly, the area is in health. If the energy gets interrupted, the area may move into dis-ease. As with a fuse box in your home, if the circuit is overloaded, the lights in that area of your home will not work. Like a home fuse box, just because the energy may be interrupted, it does not mean that it cannot be fixed, just that it is temporally out of service. By utilizing this information, we can determine where the energy flow is clogged in the body, and help restore that area to full service.

Our emotions are the electricity of the body. When an emotion is out of balance for an extended period of time, it is as if the electricity is not moving into that area or moving too strongly. Again think of your home...If there is too much power going to your microwave oven, eventually you will blow a fuse or your oven will break. The same is true of our bodies. If your heart is broken, say do to the loss of a strong love, and you cannot or will not work to deal with this extreme emotion, eventually you may encounter your body’s form of an energy overload: heart or lung disease, breast cancer, upper back pain, shoulder issues, etc. These are all in the area of the heart chakra and may be affected if the emotional issue is not addressed.

How long is too long to let an issue go unresolved? Each individual’s level of tolerance is different. What are the other factors in the person’s life? Are they sleeping and eating well? Do they have other stresses in their lives? We all are under daily stress. How we cope with these stresses and our belief systems around the circumstances of our lives are what affect our chakras and therefore our health.

Tool to read a Chakra - Pendulum:

A pendulum is any object hung from a chain, cord, or string. Take a few deep breaths and be sure to be standing firmly on the ground. Relax and touch the animal or person with one hand while holding the pendulum over the chakra with the other hand. The cord should be about 6" long. Hold the hanging object about 3" above the chakra (see chart) and you will see the pendulum begin to spin or move in various directions (see chart).
The direction that tells you that maximum health is in that area is in a clockwise direction. Keep in mind that a chakra reading is a moment in time. Meaning that, if you do a reading on someone and say that the heart chakra is open, and then they get a phone call and their boyfriend breaks up with them, a second reading may show that the chakra is now closed. There are also various degrees of closure. Also the amount of time that the closure has been in place is important.

Download Chakra Chart


An aura is the energy that surrounds every thing, living and non living. Non living things have a slight aura that is equal to the energy being emitted, a hot table will put out a stronger aura that a cold table, a wooded table will put out a stronger aura than a glass table. With living creatures, there are seven layers to this egg shaped energy.

Each layer is directly associated to a chakra, beginning with the base chakra. Therefore this first layer of your aura is the one closest to your body. Each additional layer will move further and further from your body, completing the sphere with the seventh layer which is associated with the crown chakra. Most humans that are "healthy" will have an aura that extends approximately fourteen feet from the body in all directions. If you are feeling depressed, tired, or ill, you may use the expressions of "I feel empty" or "I feel drained". These expressions are about the state of your aura!
Our auras contain all of the information that is available about our bodies, personalities, and emotions. Therefore, when you first meet someone or some living thing, you will get an immediate impression of that individual. If your aura "reads" that a living thing is "healthy" you will most likely allow that being into your "space". If you do not approve of what that person is putting out into their aura, you will want to keep your distance. This explains why it seems so easy to be close to some beings and so uncomfortable to be near others. In a way this is "judging a book by its cover", the cover being the aura. Remember that the aura holds all of the information about that person-past and present, so what you may be picking up could be a bad mood (example -anger=danger), a lack of health physically (example-disease=contagious), or emotionally (example-energy hungry=a manipulator).

All animals have auras and use this energy reading ability to survive in nature. We as humans have learned to disregard this important information in order to keep ourselves from quickly passing judgment on an individual. This unspoken law in turn allows us to be accepted without judgment. Keep in mind however, that the information is still there. It is rare that a person comes to find that their first impressions were wrong.
Knowing this about ourselves in turn gives us the responsibility of learning about ourselves and becoming aware of what we are putting out to other people and living things. How many times have you visited your horse to find that he knows exactly what kind of mood you are in the moment you walk into the barn and then proceeds to take advantage of your distraction to manipulate the training session or visit? Animals are always aware of the energy in our auras! Beware of the person that your dog doesn't like! (Unless its the mailman-that’s another story!)

Tool to read an Aura - Dowsing Rods:

Dowsing rods are any metal rod bent into an L shape. Usually in a 2 to 1 ratio, the handle being the shorter part. Take a few deep breaths and stand firmly on the ground. Hold the rods loosely in your hands, as if you are holding a bird. Your thumbs should not be touching the top of the rod and your fingers should be just supporting the rods in a horizontal position. In other words, the long part of the rods should be parallel to the ground. Have your living thing (horse, human, tree) standing about 20 feet in front of you. Holding the rods shoulder width apart in front of you, parallel to the ground, begin to slowly walk towards the living thing. At some stage the rods will open, pointing towards the left and right. This is a level of the aura that you are seeing. The level that works in showing body discomfort is about 5-10" from the body. If the rods are held within this range and touch the being, this shows discomfort. Moving away from the body shows strength. The level of discomfort can vary, from a high degree to very minor. The lack of energy in the aura is an indicator of a problem being present. It gives you a place to begin asking questions.

Download Aura Chart

As in all techniques, practice is needed. Remembering to breathe is very important.

Hands-On Energy Work

Commonly referred to as the “Laying on of Hands” is a combination of many practices. Here is a quote from one of my teachers, Barbara Ann Brennan, from her book “Hands of Light” Bantam Books 1987. “I believe it is very important for the healer to have a lot of technical training; counseling methods, anatomy, physiology, pathology and massage technique, as well as some knowledge of acupuncture, homeopathy and nutritional and herbal cures. These other counseling methods are almost always combined with the laying-on of hands, either by the healer or other health care professionals who are working on the case. The healer must have knowledge of these methods to understand how they dovetail to make the healing a whole one and to be able to communicate with other people involved in the case. Various other health care methods may be indicated through the channel of the healer. The healer will need to know anatomy and physiology to help interpret the information she is receiving. Above all, the healer should be able to work with other medical professionals to help the client heal herself.”

Herbal & Flower Remedies

In 2002, I discovered the incredible results that essential oils can bring to the body and mind. Oils are herbology taken to concentrated form. Plants are, and will always be, our best teachers and healers, as their use throughout the history of mankind has proven their value. I found the magic and science of oils to be another key to the healing process. This is a priceless key.

Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis is determined through the pressing or activation of various points on the body. This method along with muscle testing, determines the balance of internal organs and vitamin and mineral balance.

Download Organ Points Chart

Colic Support Chart

To view our charts, you need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can click on the graphic on the left to download it.



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