Individual Consultations

The average session includes:

  • Chakra and Aura readings (review of physical and emotional issues)
  • Nutritional review
  • Energy movement (aids in the determination of the cause and the soothing of the above)
  • Questions and answer period
  • Saddle fit if requested

Sessions are available for horses and other large animals, small pets, and people. Zoo animals are accepted as clients, although the content of the full session varies according to the animal and it's needs (for example, can it be touched.)

Regular Services and Rates

Sessions last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Services are billed
$125 per session if at the Holistic Hope's Office.
$150 per session if a house/barn call is requested. 

Telephone/Skype sessions will be billed at $100 per session.

Support plans are available.

All supplements are priced separately.

A recording of the session is included.

Cost of travel/hotel accommodations will be covered by the client(s) if an overnight stay is required.

For clients located over 1 hour from West Kingston, RI, a three-client minimum is requested or needs to be arranged. A travel fee will be split between clients. Up to 5 clients can be seen in one day, determined upon distance.

To inquire or schedule an appointment, please Contact Us!

A 48 hour cancellation notice is requested.

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