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Hello She, Great news I went to the doctor. We had along talk, he took my blood pressure which was great. I went from taking 6 pills a day to just one. My blood work will be done in February. As long as everything holds true I will be taking just one pill. The one pill I have too keep taking has to do with a type of heart dease I have. Thanks for all your help. I'll still be bothering you with the many questions that I always seem to have. Talk to you soon, Steve
Date of Posting: 13 Dec 2011Posted by: Steve GLocation: Warwick RI
A few years back Nokomis, the horse that is most special to me, was diagnosed with Gastric Ulcers by my vet. I tried “traditional” treatments for one year with very little or no results…he was miserable. I was up all night with him for months because he was showing colic symptoms night after night, day after day, no matter what the vet did. I was afraid to leave him alone. After I found out about you and had you down, I believe you have seen him 3 times, anyway, after each session I saw amazing results. You helped me identify what was causing this condition, what to treat him with etc. It was a step-by-step process but he was getting better after each session. It has been over 2 years since I have seen any gut problems. Thank you, you always do a great job with our pets, we really appreciate everything you do!
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Angie F.Location: Arundul, ME
It’s a snowy early morning and I am beaming inside and sharing loving gazes and compliments with Mattie. The reason for our celebration is that she has completed her first real breakfast on her own. This is a miracle. Without your loving and informative intervention, I’m afraid we would no longer have our beautiful Mattie. I now, feel more confident with this dog along with all the animals with whom we have the privilege of being in contact with, understanding us and our forms of communication in profound depths. My daughter Kristen is thrilled to have found you as a kindred spirit. She wants to train and grow in her ability to work hands on with all creatures t help them find balance and healing. I thank my spirit guides that you have come into our lives. You have a wonderful gift and you have combined a wealth of knowledge from the spiritual realms using so many tools in creative ways. It seems you have gone to the mountain, seen the light and the best part is that you came down again to share it with the world.
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Judy V.Location: Munson, MA
I would like to start by thanking you so much for treating me. The improvement in my allergies and attitude is dramatic. My breathing in NORMAL and I have cut out all the steroids and inhalers. I had constant laryngitis and that is gone. Instead of thinking the same thoughts over and over, I seem to have all these little revelations instead. I ‘m able to make decisions that I’ve been thinking about which seems like ages. I’m very happy. I can’t believe how much clearer things are. Again Sheila I am very grateful. Thank You.
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Anne H.Location: Saratoga, NY
Thank You for the wonderful visit we had a few weeks ago. I’m glad my daughter attended, it was important she see how pushing Crow away has been such a disaster for everyone. Crow has made major improvements. I have been taking her everywhere; even trail rides with great success. I think between the Miracle Clay, the Dynapro and her “little Mixture”(Bach flowers) to calm her and ease her have made a tremendous difference. Her coat has undergone major changes and my allergic reaction to her only improves. Thanks for all of your time. I’m sure we will be scheduling a visit for late fall!
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Terri LynnLocation: Gorham, ME
Coast 93.3 wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and commitment to “Vital Woman” The contribution of your words and wisdom touched many lives.
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Donna M.Location: Providence, RI
Sheila Ryan’s talents are amazing and she is my team player with my Ferrier and vet. I expect my horse to continue to Olympic level. This TB 8yr. was sent as a crazy horse; but with Sheila’s help she’s proven international talent.
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Lisa K.Location: Wellington, FL
Windham Blue Seal would like to personally thank-you for taking time out of your day to make our seminar a success! We couldn’t have done it without you. We look forward to including you in future events!
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Windham Blue SealLocation: Windham, ME
We would like to express our gratitude to you, Sheila, for presenting, yet again, a wonderful clinic for us here in Maine! We’ve enjoyed working with you thus far and would like to continue this great business relationship. Thank you for all of your work! It has always been the highlight of our event.
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Jess & AllyLocation: Gorham, ME
I was in Kansas City last weekend and individuals who had attended the Ohio exposition were still talking about “the lady with the sticks” Of course they were referring to your dowsing rods and while these old fashion cowboys were skeptical you certainly made an impression! Thank you for being part of our exposition. Your enthusiasm and professionalism make working with you so enjoyable. I hope that you and your company enjoyed a successful weekend!
Date of Posting: 6 Aug 2011Posted by: Rachel N.Location: London, OH

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Hello She, Great news I went to the doctor. We had along talk, he took my blood pressure which was ...
Steve G
A few years back Nokomis, the horse that is most special to me, was diagnosed with Gastric Ulcers by ...
Angie F.

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