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Sheila graduated from Rhode Island College, (1984; BA in Psychology with minors in Fine Arts and Human Sciences). She held the position of Senior Manager of Graphics and Design at Samsonite Company Stores in Warren, Rhode Island, for the Retail Division. Sheila resigned from her position after six years at Samsonite in February of 2000 to devote her energies towards developing her business, Horse Sense.

Throughout her life, Sheila has been drawn to understanding the needs and emotions of her human and animal friends. Since childhood, she has raised, loved, and trained a wide variety of animals, including horses. In 1986, after a particularly difficult time in her life, she began to feel a need to experience a higher understanding of life and improve communication with others around her. She began to study alternative healing therapies, herbology, and Native American traditions. After this, her walks in the woods became an adventure in communication with nature. She began, with great success, to help friends whose dogs were having behavioral problems. Soon she discovered that many of our pet's "problems'' are really the result of their owners. One of her clients, a therapist owning two dogs with serious problems, met with Sheila to discuss the possibilities. After speaking with the owner about her problems, the owner and dogs began to make great leaps in their own personal healing. The client began to send referrals to Sheila, many of whom had "hit a wall" in trying to remedy their own situations. This is when Sheila began her work with people.

Through using the technique of "Hands of Light" (healing through the human energy field) she was able to receive information from her client's bodies, which assisted her in easing their mental and emotional suffering. Her client base grew until she was performing this service full time.

Soon after, she was recruited and became a member of a prestigious holistic healers group in the Boston medical community as a hands-on healer, meeting three weekends a year for three years. The group was lead by Elliot Joslin, the son of the founder of Joslin Diabetes Center of Boston. Other members of the group included a chief of staff of a hospital emergency room, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist, several surgeons, a shaman, a speech pathologist, several Quaker ministers, and a Reiki healer. The group would invite healers to each meeting from around the world. Some of those who would attend included a chief physician of a Beijing hospital and his wife, who was a medical researcher, a humanitarian relief doctor who spent time in Ethiopia, an acupuncturist who was also a United States black belt champion in karate, and a master tai chi teacher, among others.

Sheila was also invited to be a member in a Healing Circle with Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., for an education film that aired on PBS. She has studied and stayed with Twylah Nitsch, a well published healer and elder of the Seneca Tribe; performed energy work on Amit Desi (Guru Dev); studies Kripalu Yoga; studied herbs with the Herb Wife in Wickford, RI; and taken workshops with Dr. Andrew Weiler, Wayne Dwyer, Ph.D., and Deepak Chopra, M.D. She has also taken part in numerous workshops on horse training with internationally recognized trainers Monty Roberts, John Lyons, Linda Tellington-Jones, GaWaNi Pony Boy, and Pat Parelli's Natural Horsemanship Program. Sheila has been a practicing hands-on holistic healer since 1986, trained in various spiritual healing techniques around the country, and is an ordained minister.

It was the purchase of her horse Mijoy, an Arabian, in 1997 that led Sheila to the birth of her business, Horse Sense. In a need to understand Mijoy better, she began to experiment with using her type of hands-on work on her horse. Mijoy responded, communicating about her past and her concerns and problems. The results were astounding. Sheila immediately experienced an improved rapport with her horse, even riding her without a saddle or bridle with Mijoy behaving beautifully. A new commitment to each other had been formed due to the respect Sheila showed for Mijoy and her needs, a new trust emerged between owner and horse. When other people at the barn where Mijoy was boarded saw the results, they began to ask Sheila to "talk" to their horses. Sheila's techniques produced similar success time and time again. Soon horse owners from the same barns were waiting in line for their turn to experience this brand new healing and communication vehicle. She has had the pleasure of having several veterinarians confirm that the areas in which the horses were "complaining to her" about being sore during her "talks" with them, were in fact medical conditions in need of attention.

In 2003 Sheila received her Master's in Divinity, and in 2006 she renamed her business Holistic Hope, as the work she does is equally split between animals and humans. The mission of Holistic Hope, is to communicate with and help as many animals and people as possible and provide training to people who are interested in doing the same. Sheila believes animals perform the great service of being our friends and partners and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and care. Everyone is capable of learning to understand the "why" behind the questions. Sessions with humans are the same as with animals. Our body's energy is amazingly similar! In 2007, Sheila received her Doctorate in Divinity.

The client base of Holistic Hope For All is large and diversified. Every session is tailored to the client's specific needs. In general, a session includes an energy center diagnosis, aura reading, nutritional analysis, hands-on energy work, question and answer session between owner and animal (if working on an animal), along with flower remedies if required.

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