About Sheila Ryan

Throughout her life, Sheila has been drawn to understanding the needs and emotions of her human and animal friends. Since childhood, she has raised, loved, and trained a wide variety of animals, including horses. In 1986, after a particularly difficult time in her life, she began to feel a need to experience a higher understanding of life and improve communication with others around her. She began to study alternative healing therapies, herbology, and Native American traditions.

Wellness Products

Stay well! Our mission is to improve the lives of all living creatures through high quality products manufactured to our exacting standards.

Certification Program

Sheila offers a one-of-a-kind Certification Program. Learn her Healing Hands technique and more about holistic healing and herbal remedies.

Annie A Boston MA

My mom had to have blood drawn in order to compare to results from 4 weeks prior. My mom had just received your products the first week of July.  Oddly enough, two weeks later, when she went to the doctor, certain levels weren’t tested (liver function) so she had to give blood right there and then.  The results of that last blood work showed a dramatic decrease in liver functions and she had been taking the products everyday like she was supposed to.  So my sister and I are pleasantly surprised at the results. Thanks a bunch Sheila and cant wait until you come down again, my husband is interested in a session!