Holistic Remedies for Hot Spots & Rashes

Skin problems and breathing problems are really liver problems.  The liver is the filter system of the body and if you ever had an aquarium or swimming pool you would know that the filter needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis or the water gets gross and the fish die.  So what I would suggest is that you give your hound some Miracle Clay 
https://dynamitespecialty.myvoffice.com/ShoppingCart/index.cfm?FuseAction=CategoryShop&CategoryID=38&ParentCategoryID=9 I mix it with distilled water in a plastic container with a wooded or plastic spoon, and let it sit overnight.  I makes a big tub of it because we all get some every week.  The plastic is used because the clay will take the metal off the spoon and what you want is for it to take the metals out of your body. When it sits overnight the molecules actually change and become a type of magnet.  It actually taste like nothing, so eating a half teaspoon now and then isn’t hard to do.  I would suggest that you serve it every day for a while to help clear up that spot.  Besides adding dirt, I mean clay to their diet, of course you have to stop putting junk into and onto their body. So that means….no more beer and chips, keep their nose out of the trash cans, no more junk food and try to stay away from vaccines and wormers and flea and tick products.  There are natural ways to take care of all these things. Wound Salve https://dynamitespecialty.myvoffice.com/ShoppingCart/index.cfm?FuseAction=CategoryShop&CategoryID=37&ParentCategoryID=9
feels good on the sore and is okay to be licked off. Lavender oil 
https://www.doterra.com/US/en/p/lavender-oilis very soothing and to a dog smells awful so they will avoid licking it, and if they do it is not harmful. 
If you would like more information about hot spots and natural way to keep your hound healthy check out my site https://sheilaryan.org and give me a call! 

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