It’s a snowy early morning and I am beaming inside and sharing loving gazes and compliments with Mattie. The reason for our celebration is that she has completed her first real breakfast on her own. This is a miracle. Without your loving and informative intervention, I’m afraid we would no longer have our beautiful Mattie. I now, feel more confident with this dog along with all the animals with whom we have the privilege of being in contact with, understanding us and our forms of communication in profound depths. My daughter Kristen is thrilled to have found you as a kindred spirit. She wants to train and grow in her ability to work hands on with all creatures t help them find balance and healing. I thank my spirit guides that you have come into our lives. You have a wonderful gift and you have combined a wealth of knowledge from the spiritual realms using so many tools in creative ways. It seems you have gone to the mountain, seen the light and the best part is that you came down again to share it with the world.