Sandra G Flordia

Well gee, what’s it been, 10 minuets since we talked? I checked my oils and I have Rose Geranium,  I was going to ask you if that was okay versus just Rose, but I opened it first and she came right over to smell the bottle.  I diluted it, rubbed it on my hands and […]

Julianne A – Abington MA

Hi! I want to thank you again for coming out today to spend time wit Leven and I. It was a very powerful, emotional experience for me and I can’t quite put into words how much this afternoon meant to me.  Thank You Sheila.  I hope you and Leven and I can continue to work […]

poison ivy relief

Great way to relieve yourself from the itch of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak.

Kate Portsmouth RI

Thank You very much for the other night.  We really appreciate you rushing out and taking the time to come and help us! My horse thanks you for helping her feel better and if you ever need any favors around the barn, just ask!

Laura H Portland ME

I don’t think I can thank you enough for your great session with our horse.  Your session convinced me that we did absolutely the right thing buying her. Her neglect in the past explains her initial insecurities.  We have made it our mission to show her that she is special, and those initial glimpses of […]

Terri M Gorham ME

Thank you for the wonderful visit we had a few weeks ago.  I am glad my daughter attended, it was important that she see how pushing her dog away has been such a disaster for everyone.  This pup has made major improvements.  I have been taking her everywhere, even trail rides with great success. I […]

Luvenia L Butler Indiana

I just met you at today at the Equine Affaire in Columbus Ohio.  I have watched the video and am absolutely ready! I am totally in awe of what you’re doing and hopefully can get enough people at the barn to have you come here for a seminar.  Thank you and I will be ordering […]

Monique Scarborough ME

Excellent news!  We found our cat. He was in someone’s barn for about a week and a half and he started going onto their porch and even into their laundry room.  We got a call Thursday night that they thought it might be the little cat we were looking for.  We flew over and call […]

Claudia G West Greenwich RI

On behalf of the West Greenwich Horseman’s Association, thank you for guest speaking.  Everyone enjoyed your informative visit….especially the dog you worked on!

Laura B Boston MA

I just wanted you to know that I recently got to see your lectures at the Equine Affaire in MA and thoroughly enjoy both of them. I watched your video and have learned a bunch of things that I believe will make my horse happier. Thank you for the great classes and video. I’ll be […]