poison ivy relief

Great way to relieve yourself from the itch of poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak.

Flea Collar

Natural flea protection for your dog using essential oils.

Natural Sunscreen

Check out a new video about natural sunscreen that is healthy for your skin made from essential oils.

Spring Time Allergies

Oh the wonders of spring!  The delight of warmer weather, the beautiful blue skies, the wonderful new growth on the trees!  Oh the amazing pain in the sinuses!  Just bending over to put a plant into the ground makes your head want to explode! I have received numerous phone calls from clients desperate for help […]

How To Help My Dogs Weight Problem

First of all…DROP THAT PIG EAR!!!! Then get up and move that dogs fuzzy butt.  See, its all so simple-eat less and move more. Us humans don’t help, however.  We insist on feeding them like we are one of them, and have you noticed how fat we are becoming lately? The food we give dogs […]

Stop My Dog From Eating Poop

So humans, here is what all this poop eating is really all about. First of all, it depends on what kind of poop your dog is eating.  If Fido is a mom, she will often eat her pups poop to clean them.  If Fido is a pup, then eating poop is natural, they will often […]

Holistic Remedies for Hot Spots & Rashes

Skin problems and breathing problems are really liver problems.  The liver is the filter system of the body and if you ever had an aquarium or swimming pool you would know that the filter needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis or the water gets gross and the fish die.  So what I […]