Laura B Boston MA

I just wanted you to know that I recently got to see your lectures at the Equine Affaire inMass. And thoroughly enjoy both of them. I watch you video and have learned a bunch of things that I believe will make my horse happier. Thank you for the great classes and video. Ill be out practicing with my dowsing rods and pendulum!

Deb C Cheshire CT

My husband and I want to thank you for checking our horse last week. We have changed the feed combination you suggested for all of our horses.  They are all doing great! Including the gelding that was very anxious! Thank you again for your kindness.

Annie A Boston MA

My mom had to have blood drawn in order to compare to results from 4 weeks prior. My mom had just received your products the first week of July.  Oddly enough, two weeks later, when she went to the doctor, certain levels weren’t tested (liver function) so she had to give blood right there and then.  The results of that last blood work showed a dramatic decrease in liver functions and she had been taking the products everyday like she was supposed to.  So my sister and I are pleasantly surprised at the results. Thanks a bunch Sheila and cant wait until you come down again, my husband is interested in a session!

Vicki Cape Coral FL

Hi Sheila, You are just wonderful! It was so great having you here in Cape Coral.  Thank you so much for sharing your special talent with us.  I look forward to having you come back again soon. Take Care! Vicki

Rachel N Equine Affaire Ohio

Dear Sheila, I  was in Kansas City last weekend and individuals who had attended the Ohio exposition were still talking about “the lady with the sticks.” Of course they were referring to your dowsing rods and while these old fashioned cowboys were skeptical you certainly made an impression! Thank you for being part of our exposition.  Your enthusiasm and professionalism make working with you so enjoyable.  I hope that you and your company enjoyed a successful weekend! Kindest Regards, Rachel N

Lynn K KY

My horse got through the travel to her new home just fine. She whinnied at her new friend when she got off the trailer and the two were out to pasture last night. I guess you were right and she was ready to go.  We spent the entire week together doing something different every day and her last day with me she was so calm, very loving and agreeable.  It was just amazing – she gave me one last look and I think she said thanks for everything – wish me luck! She was my first horse and I’ve never been thought this before.  Without your help I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing by her.  So thanks for the assistance in sending us off in the right  direction.  Jeez, am I weepy. Again, thanks for your help.  Off to a new start!